Tennis Court Reservations
Membership number or name must be given when making all reservations. The name of each court participant must be given at the time the reservation is made.   Indoor courts may be reserved up to 7 days in advance.  All courts will be billed at the end of the night. If you would like to pay cash or credit please pay prior or after your reservation.

Court Fees Cost per hour
Monday to Friday: 5:30A to 9:00A $14.00
Monday to Friday: 9:00A to 4:00P $24.00
Monday to Friday: 4:00P to 9:00P $25.00
Monday to Friday: 9:00P to 10:00P $16.00
Saturday -Sunday: 6:00A to 9:00A $14.00
Saturday- Sunday 9:00A to 9:00P $25.00
Senior Court Time (50+)
*ONLY when Reserved between Open- 4 pm
50% off
Junior Walk-on
*See rules below
Outdoor Courts $0.00
Outdoor Courts

We are now reserving Outdoor Court times 7 days in advance.  
There still will be no fee but you must reserve the court prior to playing on it.

*Clay Courts will be watered, raked and lined every day from 12-1pm and 5-6pm*

Junior Walk-on Indoor Court Time for Bronze Junior Memberships or TCF Juniors
Any Bronze Junior may walk-on to an open court and play without charge.  A few conditions apply:

1. Before walking onto the court, the Bronze Junior must check in with the Member Services Desk and receive a court assignment 
(Walk-on courts are only able to be reserved an hour ahead of time any walk on time reserved earlier than an hour will be billed accordingly). 

2. When a Bronze Juniors follows the walk-on rules and walks onto an open court, the court time is free for everyone playing on the court with the Bronze Junior. 

3. If a non-member plays with a Bronze Junior in a walk-on situation, the non-member must pay the $15 guest fee.
*If a Bronze Junior makes a court reservation over the phone, he or she will be charged the full amount for court time; please note that this policy applies only to Bronze Juniors who walk-on to open court.
 *Walk-on’s are at an hourly basis and if you would like to continue play you must check with MSD
*NOTE: a child on a True Club Family Membership would like to do a walk-on they are allowed too.

Senior Court Fee Discount
Senior members (age 50 or older) receive a 50% discount for courts. Please indicate your senior status and discount when making a court reservation for these hours.
Free Senior Walk-On Indoor Court Time on Saturday and Sundays 3pm-Close
The rules governing free walk-on indoor court time for senior members are the same as the rules governing free walk-on indoor court time for junior members, with only two exceptions: (1), senior members are those members who are 50 years old or older; (2), senior members have free walk-on indoor court time only from 3:00 pm to close on Saturdays and Sundays.
Ball Machine 
Normal court fees apply when using ball machine. Ball Machine rental costs an additional fee of $10 per half hour or $15 per hour. Ex: Court time is $25 an hour plus $15 an hour= $40 an hour

The ball machines are located on each side of the court with the extension cord.  Member moves it to the appropriate court.
*A Bronze Junior or TCF child can do a walk on with the machine and only be charged for the machine.
Seasonal/Permanent Court Time:
Must be booked or approved by Tennis Director or Tennis Admin. upon availability.  Members must pay the full court price permanently for the scheduled time period whether used or not used.  No senior discounts are able to be used.
Ladies Team Round Robin:
Any Five Seasons Ladies Team Player is allotted free court time from the hours of 9-3pm Monday through Thursday with their team.   Please indicate you are booking Round Robin when reserving with all the names of your team who are playing.
Court and lesson reservations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged the appropriate fees. 
Food and drinks are not allowed on the courts. Water (in closed containers) is allowed on the courts. The use of profanity, loud noises, racquet throwing, and any form of misconduct is not permitted. Proper tennis apparel must be worn at all times on the courts. Customary men’s and women’s tennis attire without a collar is acceptable. Cut-offs, jeans, muscle shirts, and swimsuits are unacceptable. Running or black/dark soled shoes are not permitted on the clay courts. Only smooth-soled shoes are allowed on indoor and outdoor courts.  Members must cease playing immediately at the end of their allotted court time. Conversely, the next court occupants must wait in the lobby area (or, for outdoors, off the court area) until the proper time.  
*Any member that stays on the court longer then the reserved time will be charged accordingly. 
Please note: Only Five Seasons’ Professional Staff are allowed to give tennis instruction. All Five Seasons’ Tennis Department rules and policies are applicable to all members, no exceptions.



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