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What are YOU looking for?

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, increase your flexibility,
get rid of back pain, or just get more active, Five Seasons’ Personal
Trainers will customize a program to help you reach your goals.
Our trainers are degreed professionals, certified by nationally
accredited organizations. They love what they do for you and it shows.

Why are we different?

Achieve your fitness goals with our personal trainers, Reduce Body Fat, Increase Muscle Mass, Increase Flexibility,
Increase Cardio-Respiratory Endurance, Increase Core Stability, Improve Balance, Improve Agility and Speed,
Boost Strength, Recovery and Prevention from Injury, Sports Specific Training, Fitness Assessments

Small Group Training Fee Based Classes
Jungle Fit :
 Interval Training using free weights, body weights while building cardio endurance to define and sculpt your body!  
$15 per drop in or $99 monthly

Beginner Fit :
Beginner Interval Training class that will forcus on free weights, body weights and build up cardio.
$15 per drop in or $40 monthly
This class utilized the infamous TRX suspension system. This class will be total body focused of stretching from fingers to toes, focusing on our commonly overused muscles. 
Monthly $40 (Must pre-register with Chaz)
Deep Water Training:
A high intensity class using floatation belts and cuffs. Intervals are fast paced. Each class consists of 50min intervals that include both cardiovascular, core and upper body work. No impact on the joints, either. 
$8m $15NM (Must Sign up at MSD before) 
*NM taking class must register with Membership 24 hours before class

Contact Chaz Baggio, Fitness Director, for more info. at cbaggio@fiveseasonssportsclub.com


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