Group Exercise Class Descriptions
Aqua Fit/Aerobics
Participants will exercise in the shallow and deep areas, working the cardiovascular system and muscular system using water belts, weights, and kick boards. This class gives participants a full body workout and is for all fitness levels.

Bender Barre—A  spine-friendly approach to traditional Pilates and Barre movements using a small ball to support the lower back while providng deliberate and  intense muscle engagement.
Body Sculpt
Use resistance equipment such as dumb bells and bands, steps, and stability balls to gain strength in this total body workout.
Cardio Boot Camp
This class offers a challenging mix of exercises that will keep your heart pumping. Ranging from interval work, to plyometrics, to circuit training with a twist. No two classes will be the same. We will bust the myth that cardio workouts have to be boring, repetitive and only for your lower body. Get ready for a total body blast!
Hard core cardio mixed with intervals of core work and you get  CORE-dio!  Follow a sequence of different timed cardio stations followed by intense abdominal work.
Circuit Training
This class provides a full body workout to challenge your muscles and elevate your heart rate!  Move from station to station in a circuit using weights, body-weight exercises like push-ups and lunges, cardiovascular exercises, and stability balls to work all muscle groups.
Cardio Kickboxing
Get your heart pumping while you punch and kick your way through a full body workout using basic choreography and standing punching bags. A great aerobic workout! Bring your own gloves or use the ones provided.
Experience the benefits of this popular core-strengthening program, performed on the floor using a mat and various other pieces of equipment. Appropriate for advanced Pilates practitioners as well as beginners or those who may require modifications.
Pilates Fusion – A combination of barre, traditional mat Pilates, yoga, strength and flexibility training set to contemporary music. This moderately-paced class is appropriate for all levels.
High intensity cardiovascular class involving the stationary bike. With motivating music and non-complicated drills, it is easy to fall in love with the ride!  Beginners, be sure to get there early to get a quick lesson on adjusting your bike and resistance during the ride.  Watch for themed rides inspired by videos.
Yoga--With the proper breathing and mental focus, you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated. Intensity and styles will vary by instructor. All experience levels welcome.
Aroma Yoga – A traditional Vinyasa Flow yoga class with an addition of aroma therapy. Instructors introduce various diffused oils to the room to help with relaxation and rejuvenation.
Fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy-to-follow moves to create a dynamic fitness program you will love.  Everyone who tries it falls in love with Zuumba!  No dance experience necessary.









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