Class Descriptions

Water Babies - Babies & Toddlers - Water Babies is specifically for parents and their babies or toddlers. This class introduces children to the water and shows the parent steps for water safety.

Level One - Water Awareness for ages 3 and up - Level One is designed for children who need to become better acquainted with the water. Skills taught in Level One include bobs, bubble blowing and more.

Level Two - Beginner Swimmers - Level Two is for beginner swimmers who have conquered their fear of the water and are now ready for floating, gliding and kicking.

Level Three - Advanced Swimmer - Level Three gives the swimmer finishing touches to front and back kicking and begins instructions on all 4 strokes.

Level Four - Adv Swimmer+ - For children who are proficient at freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke but need to perfect their strokes.

Private Swim Lessons
Private lessons are available. Please arrange through Member Services.
Price for private lessons are $22 per 30 min. session.
Non-Members are $30

Swim Instructors Available:
Jerri Dickey
Luke Ogonek
Davis Hanna
Kaylee Achor
Kristin Baker
Ashlie Feldman
Chris Konerman
Jalee Connor


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