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on this new, exciting class!

Tuesdays from 10-11:00 am

The cost for a 6-week session is $60. 

*the program will be accessible to all fitness levels and abilities, and will progress from week to week. 



The Five Seasons group exercise team is dedicated to

helping you meet your fitness needs and goals. We believe

in providing a quality class experience and know that both

having fun while exercising and receiving a

beneficial workout are important.

The best way to improve your overall fitness is

to do a wide variety of classes/programs,

or to 'cross train'. This helps you to improve:

• Cardiovascular Fitness

• Endurance

• Flexibility

• Muscle Strength

• Muscle Balance

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends healthy adults

perform cardiovascular training 3-5 times per week in the appropriate

heart rate zone, strength training twice a week, and flexibility exercises

several times per week.





The second step is to register at the Five Seasons Member Service Desk. We only have 18 bikes available so we want to make sure everyone has a bike. If you are on a team and sharing a bike you will sign up for only one bike with everyone’s name. Then - show up on Saturday for some fun.
There is a complimentary party at the Five Seasons in Cincinnati from 4- 6 on that Saturday to celebrate. 
Come help us support the fight against Breast Cancer!


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