Body Awakenings
Class using slow stretch moves, for the entire body to get the day off to a great start!
Body Core Plus
A non-cardio combination of 15 minutes of high-energy abdominal, oblique, lower lumbar, and glutes exercises with 45 minutes of spot specific stretches that take advantage of martial arts, physical therapy, yoga and Pilates.
Corps Barre
This workout infuses the balance and stamina of ballet, along with techniques from yoga and pilates , yet needs no previous experience in these techniques. Using various small isomestric movements at the ballet barre and floor, you will develop the muscle tone that creates a lean, body appearance, as well as body strength and flexibility.  $3.00/class
Cardio Step
Easy to follow, choreographed cardiovascular class that utilizing the step with risers that strengthen the legs. Combinations are designed to help participants increase cardiovascular endurance.
Fitness Fusion
Experience the workout that has it all: cardio, strength/power, flexibility and sculpting of each major muscle group. Using weights, bands, body bars and more.
A mat class using the techniques of Joseph Pilates to strengthen and elongate the muscles. Improving muscle control, flexibility, coordination, and strength.
Cardio class using moves from kickboxing as well as pilates, incorporating a total body workout.  $3/class
A balance of pilates and yoga including exercise progressions challenging all levels of participants to increase exercise adherence and avoid hitting plateaus.
Slo Stretch
Combination of Physical Therapy with dynamic techniques that make you feel longer and stronger reduces pain and relieves stress (45 minute class.)
The best of both worlds come together, a rockin' soundtrack and exciting cardiovascular cycling workout that burns calories in record time.
Step Interval
Choreographed step incorporating short intervals of strength conditioning with cardio components that retains the spirit of a great step class and adds fun and athletic movements to the mix with huge amounts of personality and driving music.
Strength Training
Experience the workout that has it all: cardio, strength/power, flexibility and sculpting of each major muscle group. Using weights, bands, body bars and more.
This class involves positioning and working the body in ways that stretch and strengthen major muscle groups, deep postural muscles that maintain the health of joints and spine to help relax and restore energy.
A fusion of heart thumbin', body pumpin', good time of Latin and international dance music and moves, creating a dynamic, exciting, effective fitness system. $3.00 /class.
Kids Zumba
A fun class using dance and games while interacting with other children, and getting a great cardio workout.
$3.00/child/class $5.00/family
Joint Mobility
This is a low impact exercise program geared towards people who struggle with joint pain, post injury, and arthritis. 
Water Aerobics
This is a low impact water class.  It is a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility.  Class offers variety of shallow and deep water.  Also rotates from traditional water aerobics, kick boxing, and tai chi.
Water Cardio
New high intensity, low impact class.  Come experience the resistance water provides! Fun, upbeat, cardio workout.  Great for a regular workout or part of cross-training! 

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