What are YOU looking for?

Whether your goal is to run a marathon, increase your flexibility, get rid of back pain, or just get more active, Five Seasons’ Personal Trainers will customize a program to help you reach your goals. Our trainers are degreed professionals, certified by nationally accredited organizations. They love what they do for you and it shows.

Why are we different?

Each of our trainers possesses a unique background and credentials. To better serve you, we have four levels of professional trainers, each with a fee structure that reflects the trainer’s qualifications and experience.Our trainers take part in the most comprehensive continuing education programs in the country. Their education comes from both in-house programs and some of the country’s most respected continuing education providers.  This combination of knowledge, enthusiasm and amazing facilities makes training at Five Seasons a world class experience.

Achieve your fitness goals with our personal trainers.   

Premier Trainer

Premier trainers are degreed and certified by a nationally recognized personal training organization. These individuals are a good fit for people looking to improve their fitness level. 

Expert Trainer

Expert Trainers are more experienced and have a minimum of 2 nationally recognized certifications. Upgrade to an expert if you have flexibility, sports development, weight loss, or fitness goals. 

Elite Trainer

Elite Trainers have expertise and advanced specialization in areas such as pre/postnatal fitness, weight loss, advanced sports development, or cardiovascular disease. If you have special considerations, the Elite Trainer may be for you. 

Master Trainer

Master trainers have the highest level of training, certification and experience. If you have multiple medical conditions or are looking for the most comprehensive athletic enhancement, this is the professional that is right for you. Our Master Trainers also provide continuing education to our other trainers.

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Muscle Mass

Increase Flexibility

Increase Cardio-Respiratory Endurance

Increase Core Stability

Improve Balance

Improve Agility and Speed

Boost Strength

Recovery and Prevention from Injury

Sports Specific Training

Fitness Assessments





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