What is MAT?

MAT is a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances in the human body. It is a straightforward, non-invasive technique designed to balance the muscular system. MAT provides the tools to identify restrictions in motion and joint instability relating to muscular tightness and weakness. Through a unique systematic format, MAT techniques are used to “jumpstart” the muscles for
function with maximum efficiency.

Who can benefit from MAT?

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, active and/or sedentary individuals who have experienced any of the following conditions can benefit from MAT:
- Muscular weakness or tightness
- Limitations in motion or flexibility
- Impaired Performance
- Injury or pain in muscles and/or joints
MAT’s goal is to restore ability to anyone who wishes to function pain free.

If you want to...

- Improve your performance
- Move without pain
- Return to your favorite activities
- Improve the quality of your life

...You need Muscle Activation Techniques

Dr. Colleen Finegan
Wright State University
“I was a fairly active person until reconstructive foot surgery left me with a variety of limitations in my left leg and foot. I had lost strength, flexibility, stability and endurance but not the desire to remain active. I was introduced to Aaron and Muscle Activation Therapy.  After the initial three sessions, I saw such a difference in both strength and stability. After a few more, my friends noticed I wasn’t limping and could negotiate steps much better. My dance partner and teacher noticed that both feet responded similarly again. Aaron consulted with my personal trainer in order to provide exercises that would strengthen the areas that MAT was freeing up and re-activating.  I had no idea how the surgery had negatively affected me until Aaron and the MAT freed me up to enjoy the level of activity that I thought I wouldn’t see again.”